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The Arts

A Foundation of TBS

Beginning with our youngest students, and originating with our school's founders, artistic expression and appreciation are integral to the Benjamin experience.

Teachers in each division of our school commit themselves daily to encouraging and enhancing the creativity of every child through drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, dance, drama, song, musical instruments, videography, and computer imaging and graphics.

The Arts by Division:          Lower               Middle               Upper               Senior Showcase

Extraordinary Facilities and Technology

Using our two-dimensional and three-dimensional arts studios, as well as dance studios, dark rooms, music rooms, video editing facilities, and computer labs, children are challenged to create in ways that consistently awaken new interests and talents, developing their confidence and ensuring their love of learning.

Everyone Participates

The school-wide dedication to the arts offers students and faculty the opportunity to perform at a casual venue. Back Door Cafe', a 60's style coffeehouse, is held in our upper school music room each quarter. The middle school hosts the BBC, Benjamin Breakfast Club. Students join with faculty members for a variety of performances - be it an instrumental solo, a jazz ensemble of students and teachers, a comedy routine, a sophomore singing a cappella, a middle school dance routine, or a faculty member reading poetry.

Artistic expression thrives at Benjamin!

The Benjamin School

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