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Tuition and Financial Aid - 2016-2017

WOW (half-day 8:15-11:45 am) $    7,825
WOW (full-day 8:15-2:15 pm) $  10,100
Pre-Kindergarten $  15,800
Kindergarten $  16,300
Grade 1 $  18,400
Grades 2-3 $  18,500
Grades 4-5 $  20,800
Grades 6-8 $  23,150
Grades 9-12 $  28,200











Qualification to Benjamin is Need-Blind

The Benjamin School is committed to educating talented children, regardless of their family's financial situation. A family's ability to afford tuition has no bearing on the qualification process for admission to The Benjamin School. Once a child has been offered admission, we are committed to working with the family to try to meet the expenses of an independent school education.

About Financial Aid

The Benjamin School's first commitment is to enrolled families currently receiving financial assistance, and then awards are granted to newly-qualified financial aid applicants. Financial assistance is limited, and applications submitted in a timely fashion receive priority.

All information pertaining to financial assistance is kept confidential and all families receiving financial assistance are expected to contribute to tuition expenses. Students who will be considered for a financial aid award must be free of academic or citizenship probationary status during that current school year. If the School places a student on academic or citizenship probation, the discussion of future financial aid awards will be postponed until sustained improvement is noted and the student is removed from probationary status.

How to Apply

To be considered for financial assistance, families must complete an application from School and Student Services (SSS) for Financial Aid by NAIS of Randolph, Massachusetts. SSS is a division of the National Association of Independent Schools, which is an umbrella organization for independent schools across the country.

SSS forms and instructions are available beginning in mid-November for the following school year. Parents can apply online by going to the NAIS website after receiving a financial assistance application packet from our Business Office. Please contact Pam Didio at (561.472.3474) or email to request an application packet or answer any questions you may have. Financial aid applications should be submitted to SSS along with required documents by March 1st. Applications filed after the deadline will be considered if aid is still available.

Review Process

Within weeks of submitting your form, SSS will mail to Benjamin, and to you, if you request a copy, an evaluation of how much you are likely to be expected to pay toward tuition fees. The suggested amount is not a guarantee of financial assistance; rather it serves as a guideline for the school's financial aid committee when reviewing applications of candidates who have qualified to enroll at The Benjamin School.

The Benjamin School

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