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Upper School

  2016-17 Academic Program
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Rigorous, Collegial Learning
With 23 Advanced Placement courses and a dozen Honors courses, our Upper School challenges the brightest of thinkers, in all academic subject areas. We see rigorous work as an opportunity, not a threat, and teachers present those opportunities after careful planning and with clear expectations.

The Benjamin faculty starts from the premise that success happens in different ways for different students, and teachers focus their efforts individually to ensure that, despite the significant academic demands, every student has the opportunity to succeed. Teachers work alongside their students in the Benjamin Upper School, asking more questions than they answer, arbitrating the classroom dynamics of curious minds unleashed.

Personal Attention
We also tend to the personal growth of our students, courtesy of twice-weekly advisory meetings where faculty serve as advocates for their student advisees over the course of their four years in the Upper School.

A Program with Breadth
We are a 21st century liberal arts school, grounded in tradition. Supported by a range of state-of-the-art technology and resources, students are stretched, not just academically, but in the art studios, the music rooms, on stage, on the playing fields, and in their service to the community. A comprehensive selection of electives, curricular and extra-curricular sports, art programs, as well as 25 clubs and activities, enable students to achieve things they might not have imagined.

National STEM Program (Science Technology Engineering Math)     Presentation by Upper School Department Chair Darryl Martino and Middle School Department Chair Gabriele St. Martin

Benjamin STEM Program (Sustainability Tinkering Engagement Making)     Presentation by Darryl Martino, Science Department Chair

Character education is implicit in all we do, and students are required to abide by an honor code. Respect and courtesy are central to the Benjamin learning experience.

On to College
While our curriculum prepares students for the most selective colleges and universities in the nation, our College Counseling Office works closely with students to target institutions that best satisfy their individual interests and aspirations. A brief introduction to the college process begins in 8th grade, and then the emphasis ramps up each year, culminating in intensive, family-based sessions with counselors during senior year.

It is our hope that no matter which college or university our students attend, they carry with them habits of the mind and an ambition of the heart that our teachers, PK3-12, work hard to model every day.

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